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ShowOff preso on collaborating with Git

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Contributing with Git : Reducing the frictions of Open Source collaboration with the Git VCS
(40 min)

This talk will describe how Git has eased the collaboration process for thousands of open source projects. From projects using mailing lists and patch series to small groups using centralized repositories to huge projects like the Linux kernel, Git enables several workflows to make the process of collaborating on source code as easy as possible for the developer and the project maintainer. We will go over each of the major workflows that open source and proprietary projects use and what tools each member of the team need and how to use them effectively. This talk should be helpful if you are a project contributor, a project maintainer, or both.


Git Intro / tarballs,etc

Central Repositories
(push, fetch, merge, rebase, pull)

Mailing Lists
(format-patch, am, send-email)
- rules (50char/newline/reason)

Multiple Repos / Pull Requests
(push branch:branch2, request-pull, merge/rebase/cherry-pick)
- adding upstream as a remote, rebasing, updating from it
(fix their branch, then merge it in)

GitHub Pull Requests
push closes

README should say how to contribute, or you should say in your README

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