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An experimental iPhone app to stay connected with GitHub on the go.
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I updated the classes to use the new API for pulling repository

information, and started tracking watchers and forks for each repo.  On
the main repo list pages, I'm now showing that info instead of the last
commit, since it was confusing to have nothing there until you fetched
the commits.  I'm thinking of adding last_updated, but I'll have to add
that to the api data, since it doesn't seem to be there.

Since it was confusing to have the repo cells switch data whether you
had looked at the commits or not, I turned off showing the last_commit
data at all.

I also changed the functionality to only post for data when it's needed,
rather than on app load, so people can use the app without actually
having a GitHub account typed in.  If so, the first block of menu items
does not show up - they're all meant to be used with an authenticated

I also added some extra menu options that I would like to implement in
the future.
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GitPhone: An experimental iPhone app to stay connected with GitHub on the go.

Project Information

I started this project to test out some ideas for an iPhone app which utilizes a 3rd party API. Naturally, I chose GitHub because I'm an extreme fanboy. It's not polished. There are no tests. It really doesn't do anything useful and I really don't where I want to take it. However, there is a good deal of infrastructure here that I feel is worth sharing, especially, since there are so few OSS iPhone apps out there in their entirety.

Moviing Forward

After posting this project many people have asked if I'm going to release this to the app store. GP is not ready in it's current state but I would like to get it ready. However, I need help with coding and direction. What do you think GP should do? Some have suggested being able to comment on commits or edit wiki pages. Maybe some hard core forking action too.

I have setup git-phone in Pivotal Tracker here. I will add stories people submit and will accept most any commmits form others. Just go ahead and start.

Required frame-works

This project uses the json-framwork for easy json parsing. Installation directions are here.


Samuel Schroeder

All images were taken from the GitHub website so please check with their policies before using the assets for an AppStore published apps.

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