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Git Plumbing Presentation at Scottish Ruby Conf

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Gitting Down to the Plumbing

* all the command line stuff
* work out the example
* convert the example to ruby?

Most of the Ruby community uses Git now, but there is a lot more to Git
than just an Version Control System. If you look past the porcelain
commands to the plumbing commands of Git, you can use it as a sort of
key-value system to store all kinds of data easily with built in
cryptographic integrity, compression and incrementally updating distribution
mechanisms. This talk will introduce some of the Git plumbing commands
that you probably have never heard of that are normally wrapped by the
higher level Git commands, and we will show how to use the Ruby-Git
library to script interesting functionality with them. You will leave
with a better understanding of how Git works and maybe with some ideas
of how to use Git for purposes other than a VCS.

1. What is Git?
2. The Git Store-y
3. The Git Difference
4. Example

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