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Git Presentations

I'm putting a bunch of my Git presentations here since people are beginning to use them to give their own presentations.  Feel free to steal, use and modify them.  If you want to add your own or improve mine, just fork and add them and send me a pull request.  I do everything in Keynote, so I'm including those, but I'll export PDF versions of everything, too.  Each presentation will be in it's own folder, and I'll try to add some notes or something with each one if needed.

Talk Descriptions


High level overview of Git, why people use it, comparisons to SVN (including benchmarks), then a rundown on basic usage - setting up, workflow (edit/add/commit), what's happening behind the scenes, branchingand merging, log, diff, etc.  About 1 hour if you talk as fast as I do and there aren't any questions, but it's taken me close to 2 hours before with a chatty audience.


This is a short, 30 minute or so talk that I tend to give at larger companies that is very high level and fast paced, intended to convince people to move their personal and company open source projects to Git and GitHub.  This talk is about half high level Git evangelization, then half GitHub evangelization.


The first big talk I gave on Git in early 2008.  There are over 500 slides here, but I gave them fairly easily in about 45-50 minutes.  I did a screencast of this deck, so you can see the presentation being given (url in the readme in that subdir).  It introduces basic Git concepts, starting from the internals, then goes over all the porcelain you use most often.  This is a bit old (pre 1.6), it still assumes you have all the executables in your path rather than in libexec, and I've since moved away from talking about internals off the bat (Basic Git Talk still goes over some internal concepts, but much more gently and farther into the presentation, I think.


This is the talk I gave at Scotland on Rails in 2009.  It has a lot of the Basic Git Talk, plus a number of advanced commands (revision selection, bisect, rebasing, etc).  It is a large deck, over 500 slides - it will take at least 2 hours to get through.  I did 80% of it in 45 minutes, but I was in overdrive., One could easily split it into two shorter presentations.


Scott Chacon originally authored and gave most of these presentations.  If you have any questions, want permission for anything (chances are you'll have it) or are severely personally offended by anything in said slides, you can contact him at schacon at gmail dot com.


some of my git presentations for others to use to spread the word. Warning: this clone is rather large.






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