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@echo 'Commonly used make targets:'
@echo ' tests - run all tests in the automatic test suite'
@echo ' all-version-tests - run all tests against many hg versions'
@echo ' tests-%s - run all tests in the specified hg version'
all: help
cd tests && $(PYTHON) --with-hg=`which hg` $(TESTFLAGS)
python -m doctest hggit/
cd tests && $(PYTHON) --with-hg=`which hg` $(TESTFLAGS) $@
@echo "Path to crew repo is $(CREW) - set this with CREW= if needed."
hg -R $(CREW) checkout $$(echo $@ | sed s/tests-//) && \
(cd $(CREW) ; $(MAKE) clean ) && \
cd tests && $(PYTHON) $(CREW)/tests/ $(TESTFLAGS)
# This is intended to be the authoritative list of Hg versions that this
# extension is tested with. Versions prior to the version that ships in the
# latest Ubuntu LTS release (2.8.2 for 14.04 LTS) may be dropped if they
# interfere with new development. The latest released minor version should be
# listed for each major version; earlier minor versions are not needed.
all-version-tests: tests-2.8.2 tests-3.0.1 tests-3.1 tests-3.2.2 tests-3.3 tests-3.4 tests-@
.PHONY: tests all-version-tests
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