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Improvements in 2.0.0: 
  - CMake-based builds by François Kooman
  - Windows DLL exports
  - Fixed building on Windows
  - Fixed and tested with Sony EVI-D70
     * set_pantilt_absolute_position
     * set_pantilt_relative_position

-- Original README --


  		           l  i  b  V  I  S  C  A

	            The VISCA(tm) Camera Control Library

   (C) 2002-2004 by Damien Douxchamps <>


(This README is for version 1.0.0)

Nothing special. You should know by now that this lib is for controlling a
VISCA compliant camera (VISCA is a control protocol of Sony Corp.)

This library should also compile under windows but this is untested.

Comments, additional VISCA info, etc... are always welcome.

Have fun,

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