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libGit Project
Why, oh why would anyone re-implement Git functionality in C? Git is
already written in C!
There are two reasons for this insanity. The first is that the core
Git code is GPL'd, which means you can't embed it in any commercial or
closed source distributed product. We specifically want to do some
commercial stuff with Git and don't want to fork out to shell calls to
do it.
The second major reason is that this library does not do any
command line stuff and never will, so it's not really competing with
Git for anything. It is a linked library and is meant to be used by
other programs only. It is being built for an Obj-C program, but should
be able to be built as bindings for Ruby, Perl or Python (or whatever).
It is not designed to do _everything_ that the core git project can do,
it is meant to provide object and packfile read and write access and basic
server functions.
Testing libGit
cd test
Thats about it. It's a pretty simple testing framework, but it'll do.
Examples : genx
Ruby Bindings :
* Scott Chacon <>