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@@ -128,6 +128,18 @@ This has a small incompatible consequence: the prototype() function has
been adjusted to return C<_> for some built-ins in appropriate cases (for
example, C<prototype('CORE::rmdir')>). (Rafael Garcia-Suarez)
+=head2 UNITCHECK blocks
+C<UNITCHECK>, a new special code block has been introduced, in addition to
+C<CHECK> and C<INIT> blocks, while useful for some specialized purposes,
+are always executed at the transition between the compilation and the
+execution of the main program, and thus are useless whenever code is
+loaded at runtime. On the other hand, C<UNITCHECK> blocks are executed
+just after the unit which defined them has been compiled. See L<perlmod>
+for more information. (Alex Gough)
=head2 UCD 5.0.0
The copy of the Unicode Character Database included in Perl 5.9 has
@@ -194,11 +206,18 @@ Perl has been reported to work on MidnightBSD.
=head1 Selected Bug Fixes
-PerlIO::scalar will now prevent writing to read-only scalars.
+PerlIO::scalar will now prevent writing to read-only scalars. Moreover,
+seek() is now supported with PerlIO::scalar-based filehandles, the
+underlying string being zero-filled as needed.
study() never worked for UTF-8 strings, but could lead to false results.
It's now a no-op on UTF-8 data. (Yves Orton)
+The signals SIGILL, SIGBUS and SIGSEGV are now always delivered in an
+"unsafe" manner (contrary to other signals, that are deferred until the
+perl interpreter reaches a reasonably stable state; see
+L<perlipc/"Deferred Signals (Safe Signals)">).
=head1 New or Changed Diagnostics
=head1 Changed Internals

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