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My PyCon 2010 Hg/Git Talk
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PyCon 2010 Hg/Git Talk

This is the ShowOff source for my PyCon 2010 talk on the similarities and 
differences between Hg and Git.  The subtitle of the talk is "Can't we all
just get along?".  Why is it titled that?  Because I'm lame.

  $ git clone git://
  $ cd pycon-hg-git
  $ showoff serve

Cool little extension: hit 'y' when the talk starts and you'll get a timer
that lets you know how far through the 30 minute talk you are, and then a 
little colored flag that lets you know how you're doing pace-wise.  Blue
for >10% ahead, green for on time, yellow for a bit behind, and red for
>10% behind.  It's pretty fun.


You need ShowOff to run the presentation.  You can get it thusly:

  $ gem install showoff

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