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# Timed mute: !tm <player> <seconds> <reason>
# default time 5 minutes, default reason None
# by topologist June 30th 2012
from scheduler import Scheduler
from commands import add, admin, get_player, join_arguments, name
def timed_mute(connection, *args):
protocol = connection.protocol
nick = args[0]
time = int(args[1])
reason = join_arguments(args[2:])
player = get_player(protocol, nick)
if time < 0:
raise ValueError()
if not player.mute:
TimedMute(player, time, reason)
return '%s is already muted!' % nick
class TimedMute(object):
player = None
time = None
def __init__(self, player, time = 300, reason = 'None'):
if time == 0:
player.mute = True
player.protocol.send_chat('%s was muted indefinitely (Reason: %s)' % (, reason), irc = True)
schedule = Scheduler(player.protocol)
schedule.call_later(time, self.end)
player.mute_schedule = schedule
player.protocol.send_chat('%s was muted for %s seconds (Reason: %s)' % (, time, reason), irc = True)
player.mute = True
self.player = player
self.time = time
def end(self):
self.player.mute = False
message = '%s was unmuted after %s seconds' % (, self.time)
self.player.protocol.send_chat(message, irc = True)
def apply_script(protocol, connection, config):
class TimedMuteConnection(connection):
mute_schedule = None
def on_disconnect(self):
if self.mute_schedule:
del self.mute_schedule
return protocol, TimedMuteConnection
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