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Support for annotated release tags with Git #24

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Jacob Helwig Lawrence Pit Roberto Decurnex
Jacob Helwig

No description provided.

Jacob Helwig

Gah, submitted before I could actually fill out the description...

Currently, you can only create light-weight tags with the Gem. It would be nice if there was also a way to create annotated & signed tags. This would be especially useful for people that prefer to have annotated, or signed "release" tags, and use things like Jeweler that create the "release" tags for them. The current light-weight tags aren't used by git describe, without the --tags, or --all flags.

Lawrence Pit

See pull request #27

Roberto Decurnex

Adding support for annotate, message and sign

repo.add_tag('name', {:a => true, :m =>'message'})
repo.add_tag('name', {:s => true})

Roberto Decurnex robertodecurnex closed this issue from a commit
Roberto Decurnex robertodecurnex Adding `delete_tag`
Adding support for some `tag` options

Supporting `tag` object reference

closes #109
closes #104
closes #24

refs #27
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