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Added with_track option (-t <branch>) to remote_add #40

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2 participants

Gabriel Cardoso Roberto Decurnex
Gabriel Cardoso


Needed this feature

Good job with this gem !


Roberto Decurnex

It will work with :track =>
It will also support :fetch => true


Tim Morgan RISCfuture referenced this pull request from a commit
Tim Morgan RISCfuture Merge remote-tracking branch 'schacon/master'
* schacon/master: (38 commits)
  Re-enabling travis for every ruby implementation
  TempFile changes to support JRUBY
  trying  jruby build
  raise expects the stacktrace to be an array.
  --no-color as default for log commands.
  Removing duplications
  Re-enabling ruby 2.0.0 and ruby-head on travis.
  Cleaning up warnings  * unused local variables  * redefined methods on the same file and class
  Updating g.add doc
  Adding support for :all option on Git::Base#add and Git::Lib#add Adding tests
  Adding tests over #remove for remotes.
  Adding #remove_remote to Git::Base (adding some tests too)
  Removing jruby and ruby 2 from travis until we fix related issues with the tests.
  Removing old doc (it's working now) closes #42
  Validating tmp_path before try to create the directory on #in_temp_dir (test helpe) closes #66
  Setting up git user name and email before tests (if they are not present)
  Adding :track => <branch_name> and :fetch => true option to add_remote Adding tests too closes #40
  Removing ruby-prof from the gemfile (problems with cext) updating .travis.yml
  Adding test for #clone with :config options

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  1. +1 −0  lib/git/lib.rb
1  lib/git/lib.rb
@@ -528,6 +528,7 @@ def conflicts # :yields: file, your, their
def remote_add(name, url, opts = {})
arr_opts = ['add']
arr_opts << '-f' if opts[:with_fetch]
+ arr_opts << '-t' << opts[:with_track] if opts[:with_track]
arr_opts << '--'
arr_opts << name
arr_opts << url
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