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Incremental display of sublist items #120

jfinkels opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Currently, an incrementally revealed list item which has a sublist immediately reveals the entire sublist. What should happen is that each item in the sublist should be revealed incrementally in the same sequence as the parent list.

For example, in the list

# First
# Second
  # Third
  # Fourth

the incremental reveal will show "First", then show "Second", "Third", and "Fourth" simultaneously. What should happen is that on each keypress, one list item is revealed, in the order "First", "Second", "Third", then "Fourth".


I need to revisit the sublist items completely - they're styled weird as it is. I think if you're going to have multiple levels it needs a new style other than 'bullets' - like 'bullet-list' or something. I will never use sublists, my presentation style rarely has more than a few words on each slide and I kind of hate bullet points, so I probably won't address this, but if you felt like taking up the banner, that is what we should probably do.

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