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Proper fullscreen mode #128

timowest opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I'd like to have a proper fullscreen mode which doesn't conflict with the other slide specific styles, maybe something that could be enabled via a startup flag

The current styles use a 4x3 ratio with fixed size and is difficult to tune to fill the whole window via CSS.


Is this fixed upstream? There was a bug with full-page slides that affected following slides which is fixed upstream.

Please test and let me know if this was your issue.


Is the full-page slides bug fixed in the gem available on rubygems? I'm running into that issue with the rubygems showoff gem (0.7.0). Would love to know what the fix is.


Actually, I see that it is fixed in HEAD, so I've gone ahead and made a new gem and installed it locally. Would be nice to have a more recent version pushed to rubygems so that when I do this next time and forgot everything I did just now I won't have to figure it out all over again. :)


I agree! @schacon, pretty please?

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