Using $() to wait for DOMReady isn't sufficient for custom JS #18

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mojombo commented Mar 21, 2010

I tried to apply some custom styles like so:


But that didn't work. It turns out the Showoff-built DOM elements aren't ready yet, so I had to add a timeout to make it work:

  setTimeout(function() {
  }, 500)

It would be nice if Showoff had a custom function that could be used in place of $() that is called when the Showoff content is ready.

ncr commented Jun 18, 2010

Or a custom event fired at some point on window or document object.

luniki commented Aug 3, 2010

I forked showoff to provide such events: luniki/showoff/events (see 1)

I tried to describe the events in the README and added an example in the "example" directory.

Have fun!

rctay commented Sep 17, 2010

If you read showoff.js, you'll notice that the initialization code is triggered with a resource load handler (for images, if I'm reading it correctly).

What I did was to monkey-patch centerSlides(), which is in this initialization call path. Not clean, I know, but it works.

This is the example I'm talking about.

badboy commented Jan 3, 2011

d43b65d introduced a custom event. It's just bound to the wrong element (It's id="preso", not class="preso").

Changing it to $("#preso").trigger("showoff:loaded"); and this code works fine:

$("#preso").live("showoff:loaded", function() {
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