Prettyprinting HTML breaks showoff #24

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wbzyl commented Apr 17, 2010

Running showoff serve with the following slide added to example/one/
(from the github source of the showoff gem):



    <img src="/images/xxx.png">

produces the following error:

Magick::ImageMagickError: unable to open file 
  `one/images/xxx.png' @   png.c/ReadPNGImage/2889

--Włodek Bzyl

I'm hitting this in my presentation as well. It appears update_image_paths is looking for "<img src" whether or not it's in a code block, and failing when it can't find the image that tag is talking about. It'd be great if it didn't look for that tag in code blocks, but it should probably fail gracefully either way.

For the moment, using an extra space between img and src is a hacky workaround for my presentation
<img src="...

binford2k referenced this issue in binford2k/showoff Jul 19, 2013

alternative to double markdown parsing
Fixes #24

This adds section tags that will work much better than the `.handouts`
and `.notes` tags that we used before. You simply open a section with
`~~~SECTION:<name>~~~` and close it with `~~~ENDSECTION~~~`.

No more need to prepend `.handouts` to each line, and that's where the
benefit comes. Because we're not munging lines, we don't need to parse
markdown twice, so we don't have the crappy double/triple escape bugs.
It also means that we can finally include code in handout notes without
wacky unicode bullshit.

This is going to take a bit of a transitional period, so I'm leaving
both markup algorithms in place for approximately one month while we
start transitioning the material to the new method. When we release the
next revision, I'll push out another update which removes the old
method, which should also speed things up quite a bit.
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