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drnic commented Jun 7, 2010

Project looks to be large enough now to be suffering from a lack of a test suite. TODO - start it. Then ppl know what/where/how to add tests/specs.


schacon commented Jun 7, 2010

I would love to, but most of the important stuff is in JS. Any suggestions? I thought about Selenium or something, but those are always such a huge pain to keep up.


davetron5000 commented Jun 7, 2010

I was considering doing this at least for showoff_util.rb as it's gotten more involved since I added the command line stuff.

Even a test to pop up the browser and page through the example pres would be useful, at least as a start


I'm starting some work on some changes I'd like to see and it'd be useful to know I'm not horribly breaking everything. :-) I'll try to add some tests in as I go, but they'll definitely need a second opinion on them to make sure I'm making the correct assumptions.

Re: options - if you don't mind requiring JRuby for testing, there's always HTMLUnit in Java. Gets you most of the way there, but I don't know how well (or if at all) it supports HTML5 type stuff. Windmill is a good option if you want to stick with browser-based testing. I've found it easier to work with than Selenium on the few projects I've used it on.

nyarly commented May 9, 2011

For testing just the JS, Jasmine is mighty nice. Also, js-test-driver is great for the more heavy-duty testing requirements.

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