--nonumber (-u) doesn't work #45

mvolkmann opened this Issue Sep 22, 2010 · 4 comments


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When I run "showoff add -d Foo -u -n Bar", shouldn't it create the file Bar.md in the Foo directory?Instead it adds a two-digit number to the front of the file name, ignoring the -u option, and creates Foo/01_Bar.md.


confirmed on trunk. I added this feature -- looking into it right now


Fixed on my branch; issuing a pull request. Was a really dumb typo on my part


OK, pull request is disabled. Fix is here http://github.com/davetron5000/showoff/tree/fix-45

(Also fixes a bug where Hash doesn't support <<, at least for me)


OK, I'm an idiot. Pull Request is working, and I sent one that fixes this.

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