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cbeams commented Nov 30, 2010

Embedding a youtube video within a slide works - just copy/paste the 'Embed' markup from the youtube video in question.

However, attempting to embed an local video file either isn't possible or isn't straightforward. Attempting to use or tags doesn't work; from the logs, showoff/sinatra tries to load the path from image//path/to/file.flv.

Dedicated syntax for this would be nice, but I really just need a work around that allows me to load arbitrary content types using an tag. Is this possible?


badboy commented Jan 3, 2011

Should be just another route or some static file serving within the sinatra app. I will have a look into it tomorrow.


badboy commented Jan 3, 2011

schacon, need your opinion.

We have 3 different options on how to handle this:

  • add some extra markup like %[] for embedding flash, so that it gets served right of the section dir
  • parse for <object>, <embed src... and <param name="movie"... and replace url to point to section dir (e.g. file/section/name.swf when there's only src="name.swf" in the code)
  • add another get route to serve all *.swf from toplevel dir (flash objects are not placed into its section dir then)

schacon commented Sep 11, 2011

i think i would rather add a new markdowny type syntax for video and html5 embed it - you can do flash fallbacks within that, but it would also allow ogv and whatnot

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