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I was wondering if it could be possible to use yaml instead of json... the latter is a bit complex and for the showoff.json really it's not that necessary.

why? Yaml is good for hand writing storage information (aka to replace XML) JSON is made for computer generated transmission of data structures (aka replace XML). Sure they were both made to replace XML, one is better for configuration information and human readable information. I would use JSON to replace the XML in AJAX and thats about it.

YAML is more human readable that JSON so It would be easier to have a showoff.yaml file instead a json one to describe the presentation.


The YAML is a lie.

It's a TRAP!

The siren's song of YAML is how easy it is to read. It demos exceptionally well. I loved YAML, until I used it any substantial manner. Then we had all sorts of subtle bugs in YAML implementations. The YAML spec is exceptionally complex and increases in complexity with each version. No surprise implementers can't get all the edge cases right.

JSON hits the sweet spot. Less ceremony than XML. Unambiguous and simple spec. Great interoperability across implementations. Not as beautiful as the YAML examples, but then sirens seem beautiful until they lure you into a shipwreck.

Hahaha, love the analogy. Anyway, the showoff file is quite simple; so I don't see how it can become painful or complex. That's my point.

@pablox-cl in which case, writing it in JSON is neither painful nor complex ;)

Anyhow, I wanted to contribute a dissenting opinion, which I've accomplished. Absence of YAML is a feature.

Of course you did. I just feel that is too much "}" for a simple list.

@pablox-cl I appreciate that. It's the same reason I love Markdown (which incidentally has similar ambiguities, so clearly my criteria for judging is inconsistent, I'm okay with that). Now, no more replies from me for realz this time.


schacon commented Sep 11, 2011

I'd actually be fine using either - we could certainly look for showoff.json and if it's not there, showoff.yml - the data structure is parsed in ruby and pretty simple, so it's not super important which is used. i'd accept a pull request falling back to yml.

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