Templating + Fixes for Static and PDF Generation #149

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basically this group of commits does a few things.

First, it implements a way to provide the user with layout templates if he wants and make the pretty configurable . Templates can be applied either per default or per slide. Please have a look at the updated readme for a usage instruction.

Second, I fixed a a few bugs that relate to static HTML and PDF generation. This includes, rewriting URLs used in CSS to point to static file:// URIs, forcing wkthmltopdf to use the print media styles instead of the screen media styles. In addition sytnax highlighting now works both in PDF and static mode.

It would be great if you could review my changes.

You can find a simple presentation of how to use the templates, made with showoff here - http://grundprinzip.github.com/Showoff-Templates


grundprinzip added some commits Nov 12, 2011
@grundprinzip grundprinzip Fixing print CSS
When printing the CSS file paths need to be rewritten
to match the absolute URIs used in PDFKit. In addition, it
is required to configure the print media style or 
the output will be buggy. 

In print mode, the position of the slide needs to be 
set explicitly to "relavtive" or more explict styling 
in the slide container will fail in print mode.
@grundprinzip grundprinzip Templates
* allow templates to be configurable
* allow default template to be not present
* parsing of slide options
@grundprinzip grundprinzip Templates for Statics and PDFs
* fixing positioning of a slide when using the onepage.css
@grundprinzip grundprinzip Documentation for Templates a838d8c
@grundprinzip grundprinzip Proper formating for documentation bad2a58
@grundprinzip grundprinzip Documentation and Replacements
Replaced the ###CONTENT### string with something 
that does not break in Markdown :). Furthermore now
multiple replacements can be used in the slides, the 
documentation is in the README.
@grundprinzip grundprinzip Fixing syntax highlighting in static mode and PDF output 00f52a9
@grundprinzip grundprinzip Removing old init stuff f6a82a4
@grundprinzip grundprinzip Avoiding error if no @languages specified e900701
@grundprinzip grundprinzip Fixing bad logger variable in static mode 2b76bc2

This would close #143 and #144 as well.

@grundprinzip grundprinzip referenced this pull request Nov 14, 2011

Giant Merge #150


I merged the recent changes from schacon/master to keep the changes compatible with the current development.


Hey, this is just what I was looking for! I hope this gets merged in soon.


I love this change. I'm not so sure about the ~ SYNTAX ~, but I don't have a better suggestion either.

I'll merge this and tweak the README a little bit. This is an advanced feature and I believe it's introduced too soon.

@goncalossilva goncalossilva merged commit 580c025 into schacon:master Mar 5, 2012
@goncalossilva goncalossilva added a commit that referenced this pull request Mar 5, 2012
@goncalossilva goncalossilva Apply fix behing PR #149 to PR #158. 354f67f
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