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Better Regexp for extracting urls from css files #158

merged 2 commits into from about 2 years ago

2 participants

Jean Boussier Gonçalo Silva
Jean Boussier


When I tried to generate a static version of my presentation, showoff failed to parse URLs in my CSS because they were surrounded by quotes:

src: url("style/fonts/proximanova-bold-proxima.eot")

So this is a fix to ignore quotes around urls.


Gonçalo Silva goncalossilva merged commit 31eef32 into from March 05, 2012
Gonçalo Silva goncalossilva closed this March 05, 2012
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  1. 4  lib/showoff.rb
4  lib/showoff.rb
@@ -446,7 +446,9 @@ def self.do_static(what)
446 446
         Dir.glob("#{pres_dir}/*.css").each do |css_path|
447 447
  do |file|
448 448
             data =
-            data.scan(/url\((.*)\)/).flatten.each do |path|
+            data.scan(/url\("?(.*?)"?\)/).flatten.each do |path|
+              path.gsub!(/(\#.*)$/, '') # get rid of the anchor
+              path.gsub!(/(\?.*)$/, '') # get rid of the query
450 452
               logger.debug path
451 453
               dir = File.dirname(path)
452 454
               FileUtils.makedirs(File.join(file_dir, dir))

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