Fix incremental slides on presenter view #170

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Incremental slides were behaving oddly on the presenter view. I traced it down to these global variables not updating properly in the presenter view window. This isn't really a proper fix, but it works so I'm probably not going to come back to it for a while.

This depends on my other pull request since it modifies some code that introduced.

durin42 added some commits Feb 15, 2012
@durin42 durin42 presenter view: give the spawned slides window the ability to move ou…
…r location

This means that you can open the presenter view and have it spawn a
slides window, but then make the slides window fullscreen instead of
the presenter view (which can be a background window on another
display). I didn't test it very much, but it seems to work well enough.

This uses the horrible hack of setting an attribute on the slide
window because otherwise the reference back to the parent window was
sometimes (but not always) getting clobbered when showoff.js loaded in
the child window.
@durin42 durin42 presenter view: fix advancing of incremental bullet slides
There are some global state variables that aren't correctly getting
initialized in the presenter view. Since I'm on a tight time budget at
the moment, just hackily forward the state from the presentation view
to the presenter view, which fixes the defect.
@goncalossilva goncalossilva merged commit b56b5ac into schacon:master Mar 6, 2012

I've merged your changes but tweaked your comments a bit. The code you wrote makes perfect sense, since both windows are communicating through the window "object".


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