update to work with current GLI-2 #198

wants to merge 2 commits into


None yet
koctya commented Sep 14, 2012

updated to work with GLI-2, as error messages suggested.

Kurt A Landrus added some commits Sep 14, 2012
Kurt A Landrus Update bin/showoff
updated to work with GLI-2
Kurt A Landrus Update showoff.gemspec
update for GLI-2
xzilla commented Sep 18, 2012

fwiw, showoff was broken for me without the above changes, so giving a +1 for pulling this change in.

andhapp commented Sep 21, 2012

+1. Why is this not merged already?

The last merge on this branch was 3 months ago. I'm starting to think it's been abandoned. Too bad since it looks so promising.

knewter commented Sep 23, 2012


nengxu commented Sep 23, 2012

+1. Just tried to use Showoff for the first time, and encountered this GLI-2 thing.

Por que no merge (or whatever you say in California)?

gregors commented Feb 7, 2013

+1 having issues as well

andhapp commented Feb 13, 2013

@matthewmccullough: Hey, you seem to be the project maintainer, going by commit history. Is there a reason for not accepting this pull request?

durin42 commented Mar 5, 2013

It looks like the merge of pull request 200 obsoletes this pull request, FWIW.


Indeed, it does.

nengxu commented Mar 7, 2013

It is fixed in master. However, the showoff-0.7.0 gem is still broken.


An update. When I merged some PRs here long ago, it was to serve the users as well as scratch my own itch for presenting needs. I was never the maintainer and should not be construed as such, but I did like using it for a while. @schacon was always and is still the project lead.

I have started to use HydeSlides, which @jordanmccullough created. There is a great example over at our GitHub:Training site.

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