HTTP sniffer/browser for debugging HTTP/XML based protocols
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This project is to help me reverse engineer certain HTTP based protocols who could not be bothered to document what the hell is going on (COUGHSVN).

It has a proxymachine instance that you can filter all HTTP traffic through that will log all the traffic to a redis instance and then you can use the included sinatra server to browse that data.

It currently assumes all the data will be XML based and will simplify the XML data for simpler comparison, but you can also click on 'details' to see the full, syntax highlighted XML.



  • To be more generally useful, it might be nice to only do the XML magic if the body has an xml header as the first line or something.

  • Also want to do side by side views of sessions, possibly even highlighting the major differences between two sessions.

  • Make the port assignments for the PM specified on the command line when you launch it.