blogging engine based on node/express/mongoose used for my personal blog

Blogging-Engine developed to LHTN (learn how to node)


node-blog was built for 2 purposes: the first (and obvious one) is to learn how to build a full blown node web application using frameworks. The second reason is the re-activation of my "believed-to-be-forgotten" domain "" as a blog.

The application was built using Express, Mongoose, Jade as html template engine and Stylus as css engine.

This engine is by no means to be used for production on any website, it just serves as my personal blog!


  • node.js (tested using development branch, should run on stable release too)
  • mongoose (current stable, npm install mongoose)
  • express (current stable, npm install express)
  • connect-mongodb (current stable npm install connect-mongodb)
  • jade (current stable, npm install jade)
  • stylus (current stable, npm install stylus)

In addition to the packages mentioned above you'll need a running mongodb instance (check out the MongoDB website for further instructions)

Useful packages

  • nodemon (for auto-restarting node instance on file changes, npm install nodemon)
  • inspect (for debugging object graphs, npm install inspect)