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Small chat application to explore Socket.IO
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public fixed hostname
routes fixed hostname
stylus/css implemented registration, finished and designed chat interface
vendor replaced session middleware, removed jade submodule (npm is fixed)
views fixed hostname
.gitignore fixed embarassing bug, closes #1
auth.js fixed some implementation details concerning models, started implemen…
date-ext.js implemented basic chat functionality
helpers.js prepared views/routes, added running server-side core
models.js fixed embarassing bug, closes #1
server.js replaced session middleware, removed jade submodule (npm is fixed)

node-chat - exploring

Little testing application to explore functionality.

Installation / Startup

$ git clone git://

$ cd node-chat

$ git submodule update --init

$ node server.js


  • node.js (>= 0.4.2)
  • mongoose (current stable, npm install mongoose)
  • express (current stable, npm install express)
  • connect-mongo (current stable npm install connect-mongo)
  • jade (current stable, npm install jade)
  • stylus (current stable, npm install stylus)
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