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Authorisation module for the Play! framework
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Deadbolt is an authorisation mechanism for the Play 1 framework for defining access rights to certain controller methods or parts of a view using a simple AND/OR/NOT syntax. It is based on the original Secure module that comes with the Play! framework.

Note that Deadbolt doesn’t provide authentication! You can still use the existing Secure module alongside Deadbolt to provide authentication, and in cases where authentication is handled outside your app you can just hook up the authorisation mechanism to whatever auth system is used.


  • Define access using AND, OR and NOT combinations
  • Define access at the class, method or view level
  • Define permissions at the database level, allowing you change them instantly without redeploying
  • Define restricted resources at the class, method or view level and control access to them on an artibrarily fine-grained level. You can also drop back to other restrictions to allow specific and general cases in the same combination.
  • Combine all of the above to get the best fit for your application
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