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Deadbolt 2 - An authorisation system for Play 2

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Deadbolt is a powerful authorisation mechanism for defining access rights to certain controller methods or parts of a view.

For a complete guide, please refer to the Deadbolt website.

The deadbolt-2 repository in GitHub is a collection of submodules. I highly recommend that you fork/follow/clone specific submodules in place of this aggregate module. The submodules are:

No longer used

Demonstration applications can be found at

The Deadbolt book

If you want the most complete documentation on Deadbolt, take a look at the book! You can find it at the Leanpub website.

The Deadbolt book

Which version should I use?

See for version and usage information.

Supported by Auth0.

If you want to easily add secure authentication and authorization to your Java or Scala projects, feel free to check out Auth0's Java SDK, Scala examples and free plan at


An authorization module for the Play framework




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