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Support description attribute in columns and tables #291

martinsura opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Is here any chance to add implementation description attribute ( maybe mssql only ) ?

We use description attributes for generating database documentation.


i would appreciate this also


This can be done with sql (using the Execute.Sql expression) by running the Sql Server-specific stored procedure sp_addextendedproperty ( See this answer on Stack Overflow for more details:

Is that good enough or do you think that FluentMigrator should support stuff like this? Pull request welcome as always ;-)


@cupito not sure I understand. Isn't this a feature for Sql Server Management Studio? How is it database independent? As it can be done very easily with the Execute.Sql expression, why should we add support for it to FluentMigrator? I feel like I'm missing something here. Are extended properties commonly used?


Sorry my fault. I answered from my mobile and missed the header cause i had another open issue. But my answer is sill working.

comments are not only available in sql server. You can use comments on many dbms for documentation purpose (e.g., so if would like to support a lot of databases, it should be possible to comment a column or table.

The fluentmigrator is a great tool, just because you do not have to take care of so many issues of different databases. To add comments on a "execute.sql" way means, to get in touch with every single way of commenting and this means a disruption of the workflow, for which i "love" fluentmigrator. So yes i would appreciate a comment interface.


Ok, thought you were proposing support for extended properties. Makes more sense now.


any way to "upvote" this one?

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