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Practical Reactor workshop

Welcome to practical Project Reactor and reactive programming workshop! Over 100 unique exercises provide production like experience and possibility improve existing skills by teaching best practices for building a reactive applications.

Project Reactor

Who is this workshop for?

Workshop is designed for relative beginners in Project Reactor, that already have some theory knowledge but lack hands-on experience. If you are absolute beginner in Project Reactor, you might want to start with some theory what asynchronous, reactive programming is and how Project Reactor can help you with that.

If you are already familiar with Project Reactor or reactive programing, and you want to improve your skills, this workshop is for you.

What do you need to start?

Knowing what Project Reactor is, what Mono and Flux are is enough to get you started! Other than that you will need a nice IDE, like Intellij or Eclipse, Project Reactor reference guide and some time to spare! No books or paid courses needed, all chapters and exercises are linked to particular section in reference guide.

How to start?

  • Start by forking this repo
  • Build this repo with simple mvn clean install.
  • All the exercises are located in exercises/src/test/java package.
  • All exercises are in the form of unit tests. If you run the test and test passes, that means you solved exercise successfully!
  • All chapters are enumerated with number. Start with chapter 1.
  • Every chapter contains read me documentation at the beginning of the file that describes what is the chapter and important links to reference guide that you should read before starting the chapter.
  • Every exercise has written implementation requirements and todo markers that will point you where to start.
  • ⭐ the repo once you completed all the exercises

Table of contents

How to run?

  • Navigate to chapter and exercise
  • Implement the changes required in the exercise
  • Run the test
  • If test passes, you are done with the exercise!

Are you stuck?

Sometimes it gets hard to get started and just a nudge might help. While in exercises folder, execute mvn hint:{name_of_exercise} and it will offer help how to solve exercise without giving out full solution. Read exercise requirements carefully, often there is a hint in there too.

Still stuck?

Hints are just a nudge to steer you in the right direction. If you are just stuck and can't solve the exercise, or you want to compare your solution navigate to solutions branch.


Your feedback is important for maintaining this repo and keep workshop useful. You may post your feedback here.

Enjoyed the workshop?

Consider buying me a coffee!

It will help me to keep this workshop up to date and add new chapters and exercises.

Created with ❤️ by schananas