A tool for interactively rewriting history to fix the build or test suite failures.
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A tool for interactively rewriting history to fix the build or test suite failures.


Often, when working on private branches with long histories, it so happens that a commit somewhere in between breaks the build, or some tests don't pass anymore. If you know which commit it is you can fix it with git-rebase. But maybe you don't know. Maybe you aren't even sure whether all the commits in your history build and pass the tests.

git-polish-history to the rescue! Let's say you are on a private feature branch with quite a few commits that you are unsure about. The last one that's been pushed is last-pushed-commit. To check whether your code compiles and passes all the tests you can run make check. Let's automate this:

git polish-history --test="make check" start last-pushed-commit

git-polish-history will now go through all commits since last-pushed-commit and run make check on them. On the first one that fails it will stop and tell you to fix the problem. You can do this any way you want as long as you commit your changes. Typically you'd amend the last commit. Once you're done, you do

git polish-history continue

and the process continues. It will stop again whenever a commit fails the test, when a merge conflict occurs, or when it's done. If you want it to do the committing of your changes automatically, use

git polish-history continue --automatic


If you're on OS X, get Homebrew and do

brew tap schani/schani
brew install git-polish-history


Right now only linear histories are supported. That is, if there is some merging going on between your current branch and the commit you want to start the polishing at, git-polish-history will complain and refuse to work.