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MathMap 1.3.5
The MathMap GIMP plug-in is an image processing tool that works on
several levels:
* Without any prerequisite knowledge about image processing, one can
use any of the more than one hundred filters that come bundled with
* More advanced users can combine filters intuitively in the Composer,
a graphical user interface similar to Yahoo Pipes! and the Quartz
* For expert users MathMap provides a simple but very efficient
programming language. This is the core of MathMap and the language
that almost all MathMap filters are implemented in.
MathMap allows the generation of still images and of animations.
The MathMap homepage is
It provides links for downloading MathMap binaries for several Linux
distributions and for Windows, as well as the source tarball. It also
features a user's manual, screen-shots and many examples.
There is a Google group for discussing everything related to MathMap,
from questions to bug reports to feature requests, and so on:
Mark Probst <>
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