Nextcloud notes client for SailfishOS
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Nextcloud notes client for SailfishOS

A mobile App providing access to Nextcloud Notes on Sailfish OS. Communication with the nextcloud server happens over the Notes API 0.2. Mardown conversion is done by Showdown. The Sailfish OS SDK is used to write and build this project.

Currently the app can be downloaded from OpenRepos or directly as RPM-Package from here. It is planned to publish the app in Jolla Harbour once it reaches a certain level of maturity.

You can preview some screenshots here.



  • Multiple Nextcloud accounts
  • List all notes of an account
  • Show the content of the notes
  • Search for note titles or content
  • Markdown rendering powered by ShowdownJS
  • Edit the notes content
  • Create new notes
  • Delete notes
  • Edit favorite property
  • Edit category property
  • Checklists
  • Link to external website with Markdown syntax


(The ordering represents the priority for the implementation)

  • Uusing the Login Flow if possible
  • Automatically push changes to the server while editing a note
  • Offline support
  • Usage of Sailfish OS Secrets to store the user credentials

To be considered

  • All features of the Android App
  • Use user metadata and theming (via OCS API)
  • Share notes
  • Import notes from textfiles
  • Sync with the Sailfish OS build in notes app
  • Versioning / trashbin
  • Use ETags to synchronize notes more efficient


  • English
  • German
  • Swedish (by @eson57)

Contributions to the translations are welcome.