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Eclipse Runner

The home-page of this plugin is

Note: this is a fork of with a bug fixes and enhancements.


Eclipse Runner plugin extends capability of running launch configurations in Eclipse IDE. User gets a new "Runner" view, which allows to categorize and bookmark launch configurations in groups, run them directly from the view by double clicking on the launch configuration icon. It speeds up development in projects containing many small java applications or many test suits.


Keep your launches organized

  • categorize your launch configurations in custom groups
  • browse your launch configurations in separate Eclipse Runner view
  • open resource behind launch configuration in editor (f.e. Java main class)


Run or debug launch configuration directly from the view by double clicking on it

  • remembers last launch mode (run, debug, profile...)
  • less clicks if you have to run more than one launc configuration


Filter launch configurations using following filters

  • closed projects
  • deleted projects
  • uncategorized launch configurations
  • current project
  • bookmarked launch configurations