Installing Helena (for Developers)

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First, grab your copy of the repository using the command below. Remember to include the --recursive flag, because the core Helena language is available as a library for easy inclusion in multiple tools, so it's included as a submodule.

git clone --recursive

If you already cloned the extension and you forgot to include the --recursive flag, just use:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Now we'll tell Chrome where to find the extension.

First let's make a new Chrome profile in which you'll use the extension. (Other extensions often interfere with Helena, so if you're a Chrome user, you probably don't want to use your own normal Chrome profile.) Create a new Chrome profile by following the directions here:

In the new Chrome profile, paste chrome://extensions/ into your URL bar to load a page that lists all your extensions.

Enable developer mode. If developer mode is not currently enabled, click the toggle switch next to the text "Developer mode" to turn it on.

Click the "LOAD UNPACKED" button and select Helena's src directory.

You're all set! Helena is installed, and you can click the new icon at the upper right to open the Helena control panel.

See the tutorial ( or the Tips and Tricks page ( for hints to get you started.

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