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schauder commented Aug 28, 2013

When forgetting to filter out java_.* or scala._* degraph runs for ever.

a Quick glance in jvisualvm suggests that it is using up lots of it's CPU time in


This makes me think, it should be possible to increase performance a lot.

Things to do:

  • setup a project with some libs to analyse for performance measurements
  • further analysis of the hotspot mentioned above: Why does this get called so often/ takes so long?
  • make it faster. Possibly by dumping ScalaGraph

schauder commented Dec 30, 2013

Performance also takes serious hit when, the (standard) libraries get analyzed as well. Since the result of that is usually pretty useless. One should be careful to only include the stuff one is actually interested in. Also a feature allowing to not analyse part of the classpath could be helpful.


schauder commented Jul 27, 2014

in the test dsl on can now specify noJar, which brings the hole thing to reasonable performance

schauder closed this Jul 27, 2014

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