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Implemented code katas in Clojure, katas from

I wanted to learn Clojure for a while but never made much progress beyond the level of where I had a running slime connection to Clojure and had a simple initial leiningen project file for a web project with ring. I just got distracted by other stuff but more importantly, I had no goal for a web project, so I already failed with thinking about what I would build. Consequently, I stopped reading Fogus and Housers nice book Joy of Clojure.

After quite a while (close to a year), I stumbled upon some posts reminding me of the code katas on the pragmatic programmers web site. Somehow this triggered the idea that doing these katas might be a good way to learn Clojure finally. You'll find in the subdirectories the various katas with task description, code I wrote for solving them and some documentation on the various solutions.


Copyright for the source code © 2013-2015 Holger Schauer

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.


Implementation of code katas in Clojure (katas from




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