💬 A simple framework to help displaying dialogs on a WPF app
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💬 SimpleDialogs is a simple framework to help displaying dialogs on a WPF app

💡 About the project

I made this project to make my life easier when displaying messages to the user, since it was something that I saw myself implementing over and over again. Also, I used it to practice a few new concepts that I was studying. It is far from perfect, but its something I'm proud of.

Also: any help, tips, suggestions or critics are really appreciated.

This project was heavily inspired/based on Mahapps.Metro (and its dialogs) and on Mahapps.Metro.SimpleChildWindow, so a special thanks to @punker76 and all the other maintainers/contributors.

🚀 Getting started

You can install SimpleDialogs through NuGet by running the following command in the NuGet Package Manager Console

  PM> Install-Package SimpleDialogs

... or through NuGet Package Manager directly on your project/solution.

Then just add one of the following Resource Dictionary

<!-- LIGHT THEME: -->
<ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,,/SimpleDialogs;component/Themes/Light.xaml" />
<!-- DARK THEME: -->
<ResourceDictionary Source="pack://application:,,,/SimpleDialogs;component/Themes/Dark.xaml" />

... to your application resources and you are good to go!

Also take a look at our 🎯 Quick start and at the 📚 Wiki

📷 Screenshots

Progress dialogs

Information dialog

Success dialog

Warning dialog

Error dialog

Critical error dialog