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What is "Open Apexx"?

apexx is a CMS written in PHP, which was originally created and distributed by Christian Scheb on as a commercial software. Nearly 8 years after the first release the end of development has come and he decided to publish it under an open source license.

The CMS is suitable for a wide range of website, e.g. a simple company page or a website for your club. The main focus is on websites driven by editorial content with a community around it.

The system is only available in German language, but has support for localization.


Please check requirements before you install the software:

  • At least 25MB disc space
  • PHP 4.3.0+
  • PHP Safe-Mode = OFF
  • PHP extension gd
  • PHP extension curl
  • PHP extension zip (optional)
  • MySQL 4.0+


The original documentation can be found in the doc directory.


If you want to contribute to this project, simply fork the repository and create a pull request.