An client for the SchedJoules API in Swift
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Swift API Client

This repository contains the API client written in Swift, which is also used by our Swift SDK.


Currently, we support queries to retrieve a single page by an identifer, a localized home page and to search pages.

Making a request

To send a request (query in our case), first initialize an instance of SchedJoulesApiClient with your API access token.

let apiClient = SchedJoulesApiClient(accessToken: "YOUR_API_ACCESS_TOKEN")

After you have an instance, use the execute function to execute a query.

apiClient.execute(query: HomePageQuery(), completion: { result in
            switch result {
            case let .success(page):
                // Do something with the retreived page object
            case let .failure(apiError):

The execute function uses a completion handler which returns a Result type. Use a switch statement to deconstruct the result.


The Api Client also includes model classes. These all conform to the Decodable protocol and can be decoded from JSON data.