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;;;; Bourtange - a fort defense game
;;;; Schell Scivally
;;;; Sat Jul 3 11:31:06 PDT 2010
(cl:defpackage :bourtange
(:use :cl))
(in-package :bourtange)
;;; Parameters
(defparameter *headline* "Fear not, lest ye fail Bourtange!")
(defparameter *tau* 6.283185307179586
"1 revolution of a circle.")
(defparameter *tau/4* (/ *tau* 4))
(defparameter *tau/2* (/ *tau* 2))
(defparameter *3tau/4* (* 3 (/ *tau* 4)))
(defparameter *screen-width* 0)
(defparameter *screen-height* 0)
(defparameter *last-tick* nil)
(defparameter *g* 0.1
"The gravitational constant.") ;px/second
(defparameter *inner-spawning-radius* 400
"The start of the spawning belt. Baddies will start spawning past this number.")
(defparameter *outer-spawning-radius* 700
"The end of the spawning belt. Baddies will not spawn this number past this.")
(defparameter *boundary* *outer-spawning-radius*
"The outer boundary of a game.")
(defparameter *total-baddies* 10
"The total number of baddies on the screen at any time.")
(defparameter *core-size* 10
"The radius of a core.")
(defparameter *velocity-max* 300
"The max velocity along one axis")
(defparameter *gravity-max* 25
"The max acceleration due to gravity")
(defparameter *choosen-weapon* 1
"The current staring weapon")
;;; Some utility functions
(defun the-time ()
"The internal real time measured in seconds"
(/ (get-internal-real-time) internal-time-units-per-second ))
(defgeneric multiply (x y)
(:documentation "Multiplies two things together."))
(defun filter (a b)
"Filters out all items in a from b"
(if (= 0 (length a))
(filter (remove (first a) a)
(remove (first a) b))))
(defun sphere-volume (radius)
"Returns the volume of a sphere with radius 'radius. (meters assumed)"
(* (* 2/3 *tau*)
(* radius (* radius radius))))
(defun sphere-mass (radius density)
"Returns the mass of a sphere with 'radius and 'density. (kg assumed)"
(if (eql density 0)
(* (sphere-volume radius) density)))
;;; Game definitions
(defclass point ()
((x :initarg :x :initform 0 :accessor x)
(y :initarg :y :initform 0 :accessor y)))
(defun make-point (&optional (x 0) (y 0))
"Utility function. Creates a point at (x, y)"
(make-instance 'point :x x :y y))
(defmethod multiply ((p point) s)
(make-point (* (x p) s) (* (y p) s)))
(defgeneric add (p1 p2)
(:documentation "Adds to points together")
(:method ((p1 point) (p2 point))
(make-point (+ (x p1) (x p2)) (+ (y p1) (y p2)))))
(defgeneric subt (p1 p2)
(:documentation "Subtracts one point from another")
(:method ((p1 point) (p2 point))
(make-point (- (x p1) (x p2)) (- (y p1) (y p2)))))
(defun rad->xy (theta)
"Utility function. Converts a radian measure to vector (list x y)"
(make-point (cos theta) (sin theta)))
(defgeneric magnitude (p1)
(:documentation "Returns the magnitude of the vector p1")
(:method ((p1 point))
(sqrt (+ (* (x p1) (x p1)) (* (y p1) (y p1))))))
(defgeneric distance-vector (p1 p2)
(:documentation "Returns the distance between p1 and p2 as a vector")
(:method ((p1 point) (p2 point))
(make-point (- (x p2) (x p1)) (- (y p2) (y p1)))))
(defgeneric distance (p1 p2)
(:documentation "Returns the absolute distance between p1 and p2")
(:method ((p1 point) (p2 point))
(magnitude (distance-vector p1 p2))))
(defgeneric unitize (p1)
(:documentation "Returns the unit vector of v")
(:method ((v point))
(let ((mag (magnitude v)))
(make-point (/ (x v) mag) (/ (y v) mag)))))
(defgeneric point-in-line-closest-to-point (p1 p2 p3)
(:documentation "Returns the point on a line 'p2 - 'p1 closest to point 'p3")
(:method ((p1 point) (p2 point) (p3 point))
(let* ((d-p1-p2 (distance p1 p2))
(mag2 (* d-p1-p2 d-p1-p2))
(u (/ (- (* (- (x p3) (x p1)) (- (x p2) (x p1)))
(* (- (y p3) (y p1)) (- (y p2) (y p1))))
(make-point (+ (x p1) (* u (- (x p2) (x p1))))
(+ (y p1) (* u (- (y p2) (y p1))))))))
(defgeneric cross (p)
(:documentation "Returns a vector perpendicular to 'p")
(:method ((p point))
(make-point (- (y p)) (x p))))
(defun make-square (half-width)
"Utility function. Creates a list of 4 points arranged in a square"
(let ((hw half-width)
(-hw (* -1 half-width)))
(list (make-point hw hw)
(make-point hw -hw)
(make-point -hw -hw)
(make-point -hw hw))))
(defun make-circle (&optional (radius 1) (points 360))
"Creates a circle of 'points points"
(loop for x from 1 to points collect (multiply (rad->xy (* x (/ *tau* points))) radius)))
(defparameter *circle* (make-circle))
(defun make-arc (&optional (radius 1) (start-radian 0) (end-radian *tau*) (points 360))
"Creates an arc"
(cons (multiply (rad->xy start-radian) radius)
(loop for x from 2 to points
collect (multiply (rad->xy (+ start-radian
(* x (/ (- end-radian start-radian) points))))
(defclass color ()
((r :initarg :r :initform 1 :accessor r)
(b :initarg :b :initform 1 :accessor b)
(g :initarg :g :initform 1 :accessor g)
(a :initarg :a :initform 1 :accessor a)))
(defun make-color (&optional (r 255) (b 255) (g 255) (a 255))
"Creates a uint color rbga."
(make-instance 'color
:r (/ r 255)
:b (/ b 255)
:g (/ g 255)
:a (/ a 255)))
(defun draw-point-list (points &optional (primitive :polygon) (color (make-color)))
"Draws a list of points."
(gl:color (r color) (b color) (g color) (a color))
(gl:with-primitive primitive
(dolist (point points)
(gl:vertex (x point) (y point) 0)))
(defun offset-point-list (points p)
"Adds a point to each point in the list and returns the new offset list"
(mapcar (lambda (point) (add point p))
(defclass display-object ()
((origin :initarg :origin :initform (make-point) :accessor origin)
(last-origin :initarg :last-origin :initform (make-point) :accessor last-origin)
(color :initarg :color :initform (make-color) :accessor color)
(primitive :initarg :primitive :initform :polygon :accessor primitive
:documentation "The opengl primitive to draw this object with")
(vertices :initarg :vertices :initform (make-square 10) :accessor vertices)))
(defgeneric initialize (object)
(:documentation "Initializes a display-object")
(:method ((object display-object))
(setf (origin object) (make-point)
(vertices object) (list (make-point)))))
(defgeneric draw (object)
(:documentation "Draws the display-object with OpenGL"))
(defgeneric set-origin (object coords)
(:documentation "Sets the origin of the object and returns the object")
(:method ((object display-object) (coords point))
(setf (origin object) coords)
(defgeneric collidedp (o1 o2)
(:documentation "Checks to see if the objects collided, returns the object that collided or nil"))
(defun draw-list (list)
(map nil #'draw list))
(defclass display-circle (display-object)
((radius :initarg :radius :initform 10 :accessor radius))
(:default-initargs :vertices (make-circle)))
(defun make-display-circle (&optional (radius 1) (color (make-color)))
"Utility function that creates a new circle of radius 'radius and color 'color"
(make-instance 'display-circle :radius radius :vertices (make-circle) :color color))
(defmethod draw ((object display-circle))
(with-slots (color (scale radius) origin vertices primitive)
(with-slots (r g b a)
(let ((ox (x origin))
(oy (y origin)))
(gl:color r b g a)
(gl:matrix-mode :modelview)
(gl:translate ox oy 0)
(gl:scale scale scale 1)
(gl:with-primitive primitive
(dolist (vertex vertices)
(gl:vertex (x vertex) (y vertex) 0)))
(defmethod collidedp ((o1 display-circle) (o2 display-circle))
(let* ((combined-radii (+ (radius o1) (radius o2)))
(broad-phase-hit (< (distance (origin o1) (origin o2)) combined-radii)))
(if broad-phase-hit
(list o1 o2))))
(defclass display-ring (display-circle)
((inner-radius :initarg :inner-radius :initform 100 :accessor inner-radius)
(outer-radius :initarg :outer-radius :initform 100 :accessor outer-radius)))
(defun make-display-ring (outer-radius inner-radius &optional (color (make-color)))
"Creates a ring"
(let* ((inner (make-arc (/ inner-radius outer-radius)))
(outer (make-arc))
(vertices (mapcan #'list inner outer)))
(make-instance 'display-ring :radius outer-radius
:outer-radius outer-radius
:inner-radius inner-radius
:vertices vertices
:color color)))
(defmethod draw ((this display-ring))
(gl:matrix-mode :modelview)
(gl:translate (x (origin this)) (y (origin this)) 0)
(gl:scale (outer-radius this) (outer-radius this) 1)
(draw-point-list (vertices this) :triangle-strip (color this))
(defclass display-arc (display-circle)
((start-radian :initarg :start-radian :initform 0 :accessor start-radian)
(end-radian :initarg :end-radian :initform *tau* :accessor end-radian))
(:default-initargs :vertices (make-arc)))
(defun make-display-arc (radius &optional (start-radian 0) (end-radian *tau*) (color (make-color)))
"Utility function to create an arc"
(make-instance 'display-arc
:radius radius
:start-radian start-radian :end-radian end-radian
:color color
:vertices (make-arc radius start-radian end-radian)))
(defclass physical-object ()
((origin :initarg :origin :initform (make-point) :accessor origin)
(velocity :initarg :velocity :initform (make-point) :accessor velocity)
(acceleration :initarg :acceleration :initform (make-point) :accessor acceleration)
(density :initarg :density :initform .1 :accessor density)))
(defgeneric apply-velocity (this milliseconds)
(:documentation "Applies the this's velocity to its position")
(:method ((this physical-object) milliseconds)
(let* ((meters-moved (multiply (velocity this) milliseconds)))
(setf (last-origin this) (origin this)
(origin this) (add (origin this) meters-moved)))
(defgeneric apply-acceleration (this)
(:documentation "Applies the this's acceleration to its velocity, returns this")
(:method ((this physical-object))
(setf (velocity this) (add (velocity this) (acceleration this)))
;; limit the velocity so things don't blow up
(with-slots (velocity)
(with-slots (x y)
(if (> (abs x) *velocity-max*)
(setf x (if (minusp x) (- *velocity-max*) *velocity-max*)))
(if (> (abs y) *velocity-max*)
(setf y (if (minusp y) (- *velocity-max*) *velocity-max*)))))
(defgeneric apply-all (this milliseconds)
(:documentation "Applies acceleration and velocity to the this")
(:method ((this physical-object) milliseconds)
(apply-acceleration this)
(apply-velocity this milliseconds)
;;; o..o the mouse...
;;; (\/)S
(defclass mouse (display-circle)
((button :initarg :button :initform 0 :accessor button)
(state :initarg :state :initform 0 :accessor state)
(x :initarg :x :initform 0 :accessor x)
(y :initarg :y :initform 0 :accessor y)
(last-state :initarg :last-mouse-state :initform nil :accessor last-state)))
(defgeneric clickedp (this)
(:documentation "Return whether or not a click event has happened and is waiting to be cleared.")
(:method ((this mouse))
(and (eql (state this) :down) (not (eql (state this) (last-state this))))))
; Game logic
; a unit is our standard game unit
(defclass unit (display-circle physical-object)
((life :initarg :life :initform *tau* :accessor life :documentation "The unit's life meter.")
(defense :initarg :defense :initform 1 :accessor defense :documentation "The unit's defense (how much damage it deflects).")
(strength :initarg :strength :initform 1 :accessor strength :documentation "The unit's strength (how much damage it does).")
(outline :initarg :outline :initform (make-arc) :accessor outline)
(outline-color :initarg :outline-color :initform (make-color) :accessor outline-color)
(cooldown-time :initarg :cooldown-time :initform 1 :accessor cooldown-time :documentation "The time it takes to die.")
(death-time :initarg :death-time :initform nil :accessor death-time :documentation "The time spent dead.")
(explode-rate :initarg :explode-rate :initform 20 :accessor explode-rate :documentation "Some factor that progresses the death sequence.")
(radius-at-death :initarg :radius-at-death :initform nil :accessor radius-at-death)))
(defun make-unit (radius color outline-color &optional (unit-type 'unit))
(make-instance unit-type
:radius radius
:vertices (make-circle)
:outline (make-arc)
:color color
:outline-color outline-color))
(defmethod draw :after ((object unit))
"Draw the outline."
(let* ((color (outline-color object))
(scale (radius object))
(origin (origin object))
(outline (outline object)))
(gl:matrix-mode :modelview)
(gl:translate (x origin) (y origin) 0)
(gl:scale scale scale 1)
(draw-point-list outline :line-strip color))
(defmethod collidedp ((this unit) (that unit))
"The two units must have defenses to collide"
(if (and (defense this) (defense that))
(defgeneric life-after-collision (this that)
(:documentation "Returns the life of 'this after a collision with 'that")
(:method ((this unit) (that unit))
(let* ((life-this (life this))
(percent (/ (strength that) (defense this))))
(- life-this (* *tau* percent)))))
(defgeneric renew (this)
(:documentation "Renews the unit")
(:method ((this unit))
(setf (death-time this) nil
(radius-at-death this) nil)
this)) ; return this unit
(defgeneric explode (this)
(:documentation "Explodes the unit")
(:method ((this unit))
(unless (radius-at-death this)
(setf (radius-at-death this)
(radius this)))
(setf (a (color this)) (- 255 (* 255 (/ (death-time this)
(cooldown-time this))))
(radius this) (+ (radius-at-death this)
(* (explode-rate this) (death-time this))))
(defgeneric cooldown (this seconds)
(:documentation "Cools the unit down by 'seconds")
(:method ((this unit) seconds)
(setf (death-time this)
(if (death-time this)
(+ (death-time this) seconds)
(if (>= (death-time this) (cooldown-time this))
(renew this)
;; return the unit (renewed or not)
(explode this))))
(defgeneric advance (this seconds)
(:documentation "Steps the unit forward in time")
(:method ((this unit) seconds)
(when (> (distance (make-point) (origin this)) *boundary*)
(setf (life this) 0))
(when (> (radius this) *boundary*)
(setf (life this) 0))
(setf (outline this) (make-arc 1 0 (life this)))
(if (<= (life this) 0)
;; will return a renewed unit if cooldown-time has been reached
(cooldown this seconds)
(apply-all this seconds)
(defgeneric collide (this that)
(:documentation "Collides 'this with 'that, returns a list of this and that")
(:method ((this unit) (that unit))
(unless (or (death-time this) (death-time that))
;; set the life of the two objects
(setf (life that) (life-after-collision that this)
(life this) (life-after-collision this that)))
(list this that)))
(defgeneric get-grav-force (m1 m2)
(:documentation "Returns the gravitational force between 'm1 and 'm2")
(:method ((m1 unit) (m2 unit))
(let ((distance (distance (origin m1) (origin m2)))
(mass1 (sphere-mass (radius m1) (density m1)))
(mass2 (sphere-mass (radius m2) (density m2))))
(min *gravity-max* (* *g* (/ (* mass1 mass2) (* distance distance)))))))
(defgeneric get-grav-acceleration (m1 m2)
(:documentation "Returns the gravitational acceleration from 'm1 to 'm2 as a vector")
(:method ((m1 unit) (m2 unit))
(let ((force (get-grav-force m1 m2))
(udv (unitize (distance-vector (origin m1)
(origin m2)))))
(make-point (* (x udv) force)
(* (y udv) force)))))
(defmethod draw ((this unit))
(defclass baddy (unit)
((total-growth :initarg :total-growth :initform 1.0 :accessor total-growth)
(growth-rate :initarg :growth-rate :initform 0.1 :accessor growth-rate))
:radius 5
:density .1
:color (make-color 108 108 108)
:outline-color (make-color 251 38 0)
:outline (make-arc)
:vertices (make-circle)))
(defun create-random-baddies (number outer-radius inner-radius &optional (baddy-type 'baddy))
"Creates 'number baddies to converge upon bourtange and collects them..."
(loop repeat number
for p = (multiply (rad->xy (random *tau*))
(+ inner-radius
(random (- outer-radius inner-radius))))
collect (make-instance baddy-type :origin p :last-origin p
:color (make-color 255 255 255 (* 255 (/ 0.1 2))))))
(defgeneric get-resources (this)
(:documentation "Returns the worth of this baddy in resources.")
(:method ((this baddy))
(/ (+ (strength this) (defense this)) 20)))
(defmethod renew ((this baddy))
(let* ((growth (random (total-growth this)))
(density (min (/ (random growth) 10) 2)))
(make-instance 'baddy
:total-growth (+ (total-growth this) (growth-rate this))
:radius (+ 5 growth)
:density (+ 0.1 density)
:color (make-color 255 255 255 (* 255 (/ density 2)))
:strength (1+ growth)
:defense (1+ growth)
:origin (multiply (rad->xy (random *tau*))
(+ *inner-spawning-radius*
(random (- *outer-spawning-radius* *inner-spawning-radius*)))))))
(defmethod advance ((this baddy) ms)
(defmethod advance :after ((this baddy) ms)
(declare (ignore ms))
"update the core's weapons"
(setf (outline this) (make-arc 1 0 (life this)))
(when (death-time this)
(setf (color this) (make-color 255 255 255 (a (color this)))))
;;; ...
;;; (_) :..* the weapons!
(defclass weapon (unit)
((core :initarg :core :initform nil :accessor core)
(ndx :initarg :ndx :initform 1 :accessor ndx)))
(defgeneric cooldown-radius (this)
(:documentation "Returns the outer radius")
(:method ((this weapon))
(+ *core-size* (* 2 (ndx this)))))
(defmethod cooldown ((this weapon) ms)
(defmethod cooldown :after ((this weapon) ms)
(declare (ignore ms))
(setf (origin this) (origin (core this))
(radius this) (cooldown-radius this))
(defmethod renew ((this weapon))
(let ((new-weapon (make-instance (class-of this))))
(setf (origin new-weapon) (origin (core this))
(core new-weapon) (core this)
(ndx new-weapon) (ndx this))
(defmethod draw ((this weapon))
(defclass core-blast (weapon)
((expansion-rate :initarg :expansion-rate :initform 100 :accessor expansion-rate
:documentation "Expands at 1px/millisecond"))
(:documentation "coreblast is the main weapon, it sends out a shock wave")
:radius 10
:density 0
:strength 2
:defense 8
:cooldown-time 7
:color (make-color 251 255 85 20)
:outline-color (make-color 251 255 85)
:vertices (make-circle)
:outline (make-arc)))
(defmethod advance ((this core-blast) seconds)
(setf (radius this) (+ (radius this) (* seconds (expansion-rate this))))
(call-next-method)) ; return this core-blast
(defmethod explode ((this weapon))
(setf (outline this)
(make-arc 1 0 (* *tau*
(/ (death-time this)
(cooldown-time this)))))
(defclass decoy (weapon)
(:documentation "decoy is a planet that gets launched into space in a random direction
after cooldown. It attracts baddies through gravity as it spirals outward.")
:radius 26
:density 0.5
:defense 200
:strength 10
:cooldown-time 5
:velocity (make-point 500 0)
:color (make-color 255 95 85 20)
:outline-color (make-color 255 95 85)
:vertices (make-circle)
:outline (make-arc)))
(defmethod advance ((this decoy) seconds)
(defmethod advance :after ((this decoy) seconds)
;; let it get out there
(let* ((normal (subt (origin this) (origin (core this))))
(unit-normal (unitize normal))
(outward-drift (multiply unit-normal 20))
(tangent (cross normal))
(unit-tan (unitize tangent))
(spiral-drift (multiply unit-tan 100))
(velocity (add outward-drift spiral-drift)))
(setf (velocity this) velocity))
(defclass lifer (weapon)
((rate :initarg :rate :initform nil :accessor rate
:documentation "how much life is gained in a second"))
(:documentation "lifer gives its life back to the core")
:radius 20
:density 0
:defense nil
:cooldown-time 7
:rate 1/14
:color (make-color 85 200 255 20)
:outline-color (make-color 85 200 255)
:vertices (make-circle)
:outline (make-arc)))
(defmethod advance ((this lifer) seconds)
(setf (radius this) (cooldown-radius this))
(defmethod advance :before ((this lifer) seconds)
(if (plusp (life this))
(let ((life-this-tick (* seconds (rate this) *tau*)))
(setf (life this) (- (life this) life-this-tick)
(life (core this)) (min *tau* (+ (life (core this)) life-this-tick))))))
(defclass repellor (weapon)
((rate :initarg :rate :initform nil :accessor rate
:documentation "pulse rate (just for show)"))
(:documentation "repellor repels baddies")
:radius 100
:density -.01
:defense nil
:cooldown-time 15
:rate 1/3
:color (make-color 195 85 255 20)
:outline-color (make-color 195 85 255)
:vertices (make-circle)
:outline (make-arc)))
(defmethod advance ((this repellor) seconds)
(defmethod advance :before ((this repellor) seconds)
(decf (life this) (* *tau* seconds (rate this)))
(defmethod cooldown :after ((this repellor) seconds)
(setf (density this) 0))
;;; () ...the core
(defclass core (unit)
((weapons :initarg :weapons :initform (list ) :accessor weapons))
:radius 10
:defense 100
:density 1.2
:color (make-color 98 255 85 75)
:outline-color (make-color 98 255 85 255)
:vertices (make-circle)
:outline (make-arc)))
(defmethod draw :before ((this core))
;;(mapc #'draw (weapons this))
(map nil #'draw (weapons this)))
(defmethod renew ((this core))
nil) ; the core is dead, it does not renew :(
(defmethod cooldown :before ((this core) ms)
(declare (ignore ms))
(setf (color this) (make-color 251 38 0 255)))
(defmethod advance :before ((this core) seconds)
(unless (death-time this)
(setf (weapons this)
(mapcar (lambda (weapon)
(advance weapon seconds))
(weapons this)))))
(defmethod collidedp ((this core) (that unit))
(if (call-next-method)
(list this that)
(let ((weapon (find-if (lambda (weapon) (collidedp weapon that))
(weapons this))))
(when weapon (list weapon that)))))
(defmethod get-grav-acceleration ((that baddy) (this core))
(let ((core-force (call-next-method)))
(loop for weapon in (weapons this)
for force = (get-grav-acceleration that weapon)
sum (x force) into x-force
sum (y force) into y-force
finally (return (make-point (+ (x core-force) x-force)
(+ (y core-force) y-force))))))
(defun draw-resources (resources &optional
(point-size 5.0)
(point (make-point (+ point-size (- (/ *screen-width* 2))) (- (/ *screen-height* 2) point-size))))
"Draws the amount of resources available to the screen"
(let* ((rows 5)
(rest-point-size (* point-size (- resources (floor resources))))
(points (loop for x from 0 to (1- resources) collect
(* (mod x rows) (+ (* 2.0 point-size) 1))
(- (* (floor (/ x rows)) (+ (* 2.0 point-size) 1))))))
(last-full-point (if (last points) (first (last points)) (make-point))))
(mapcar #'(lambda (p)
(gl:translate (+ (x p) (x point))
(+ (y p) (y point))
(gl:scale point-size point-size 1)
(draw-point-list *circle* :polygon (make-color 155 92 238))))
(gl:translate (+ (x point) (x last-full-point) (* 2 point-size) 1)
(+ (y point) (y last-full-point))
(gl:scale rest-point-size rest-point-size 1)
(draw-point-list *circle* :polygon (make-color 232 125 241))))
(defun check-out-of-bounds (object)
"Checks an object to assert it is out of bounds."
(> *boundary* (distance (make-point) (origin object))))
(defun gravitate-bodies (from-bodies toward-bodies)
"Accelerates 'from-bodies toward 'toward-bodies. Does nothing with
'from-bodies. If toward-bodies had acceleration, it is totally reset."
(dolist (from from-bodies)
(setf (acceleration from) (make-point))
(loop for toward in toward-bodies
for grav-accel = (get-grav-acceleration from toward)
do (setf (acceleration from)
(add (acceleration from) grav-accel)))))
;;; ($) ($) ($) ($) the weapon store...
(defclass weapon-store-item (unit)
((weapon-class :initarg :weapon-class :accessor weapon-class)
(cost :initarg :cost :accessor cost)
(fee :initarg :fee :initform 0 :accessor fee)
(background :initarg :background :initform (make-display-circle) :accessor background)))
(defun make-weapon-store-item (&key item cost fee)
(let ((wclass (make-instance item)))
(make-instance 'weapon-store-item
:weapon-class item
:cost cost
:fee fee
:vertices (vertices wclass)
:outline (outline wclass)
:radius 10
:color (color wclass)
:outline-color (outline-color wclass))))
(defgeneric copy (this)
(:documentation "Copies this item")
(:method ((this weapon-store-item))
(make-weapon-store-item :item (weapon-class this) :cost (cost this) :fee (fee this))))
(defclass weapon-store (unit)
((weapons :initform (list
:item 'core
:cost 10
:fee 3)
:item 'core-blast
:cost 0.5
:fee 0.3)
:item 'decoy
:cost 4
:fee 2)
:item 'lifer
:cost 10
:fee 3)
:item 'repellor
:cost 15
:fee 4))
:accessor weapons))
(:default-initargs :radius 100
:death-time 0
:cooldown-time 0.5
:vertices (make-circle)
:outline (make-circle)
:color (make-color 255 255 255 75)
:outline-color (make-color 255 255 255 (* 0.2 255))))
(defmethod draw :after ((this weapon-store))
(map nil #'draw (weapons this)))
(defmethod advance ((this weapon-store) seconds)
(setf (death-time this) (min (cooldown-time this) (+ (death-time this) seconds))
(a (color this)) (* 0.2 (/ (death-time this) (cooldown-time this))))
(defmethod cooldown ((this weapon-store) seconds)
(setf (death-time this) (max 0 (- (death-time this) seconds))
(a (color this)) (* 0.2 (/ (death-time this) (cooldown-time this))))
(defmethod collidedp ((this weapon-store) (that mouse))
(let ((collided-weapon (find-if (lambda (weapon) (collidedp weapon that)) (weapons this))))
(when collided-weapon
(list collided-weapon that))))
(defun set-store-position (program)
(setf (origin (weapon-store program))
(- (/ *screen-width* 2) (radius (weapon-store program)))
(- (/ *screen-height* 2) 12)))
;; LOOP IS FUN! \o/
(loop with positions = (make-arc (radius (weapon-store program))
*tau/2* *3tau/4*
(length (weapons (weapon-store program))))
for position in positions
for weapon in (weapons (weapon-store program))
do (setf (origin weapon) (add (origin (weapon-store program)) position)
(last-origin weapon) (origin weapon)))
(defun select-weapon (store mouse resources)
(let ((weapon (car (collidedp store mouse))))
(when (and weapon (<= (cost weapon) resources))
(incf (cost weapon) (fee weapon))
(copy weapon))))
;;; ._________.
;;; | 1010101 | the program...
;;; | 1001001 |
;;; \---------/
(defclass program ()
((is-paused :initform nil :accessor is-paused)
(spawning-belt :initform (make-display-ring *outer-spawning-radius* *inner-spawning-radius* (make-color 255 255 255 10)) :accessor spawning-belt)
(baddies :initform (create-random-baddies *total-baddies* *outer-spawning-radius* *inner-spawning-radius*) :accessor baddies)
(goodies :initform nil :accessor goodies)
(dying-bodies :initform () :accessor dying-bodies)
(resources :initform 0 :accessor resources)
(mouse :initform (make-instance 'mouse :radius 2 :vertices (make-circle)) :accessor mouse)
(weapon-store :initform (make-instance 'weapon-store) :accessor weapon-store)
(selected-weapon :initform nil :accessor selected-weapon)
(selected-core :initform nil :accessor selected-core)))
(defparameter *program* (make-instance 'program))
(defmethod draw ((this program))
(draw (spawning-belt this))
(draw-list (goodies this))
(draw-list (baddies this))
(draw-list (dying-bodies this))
(draw-resources (resources this))
(draw (weapon-store this))
(when (selected-weapon this)
(if (selected-core this)
(let* ((core (selected-core this))
(origin (origin core))
(radius (+ (radius core) (* 2 (length (weapons core))) 2))
(color (outline-color (selected-weapon this))))
(gl:matrix-mode :modelview)
(gl:translate (x origin) (y origin) 0)
(gl:scale radius radius 1)
(draw-point-list (vertices core) :line-loop color))
(draw (selected-weapon this)))))
; advance our program! THESE are the main logic loop
(defmethod advance :before ((this program) seconds)
;; user interaction!
(when (clickedp (mouse this))
(setf (last-state (mouse this)) (state (mouse this)))
(if (selected-weapon this)
;; place the weapon
(if (eql (weapon-class (selected-weapon this)) 'core)
(let ((new-core (make-instance 'core)))
(setf (origin new-core) (origin (mouse this))
(goodies this) (append (goodies this) (list new-core))
(selected-weapon this) nil))
(when (selected-core this)
(let ((weapon (make-instance (weapon-class (selected-weapon this)))))
(setf (origin weapon) (origin (selected-core this))
(core weapon) (selected-core this)
(ndx weapon) (1+ (length (weapons (selected-core this))))
(weapons (selected-core this)) (append
(weapons (selected-core this))
(list weapon))
(selected-weapon this) nil
(selected-core this) nil))))
;; select the weapon
(when (setf (selected-weapon this)
(select-weapon (weapon-store this) (mouse this) (resources this)))
;; deduct the cash
(setf (resources this) (- (resources this) (cost (selected-weapon this)))))))
;; if the user has selected a weapon
(when (selected-weapon this)
(when (not (eql (weapon-class (selected-weapon this)) 'core))
(loop for x from 0 to (1- (length (goodies this)))
;; find the core we're attaching the upgrade to
(if (collidedp (nth x (goodies this)) (mouse this))
(setf (selected-core this) (nth x (goodies this)))
(setf (selected-core this) nil))))
(setf (origin (selected-weapon this)) (origin (mouse this))))
;; weapon store interaction
(let ((collided (collidedp (weapon-store this) (mouse this))))
(if collided
(draw-resources (cost (first collided))
(add (origin (first collided))
(make-point 0 (- 0 (radius (first collided)) 4))))
(setf (weapon-store this) (advance (weapon-store this) seconds)))
(setf (weapon-store this) (cooldown (weapon-store this) seconds)))))
(defmethod advance ((this program) seconds)
;; automagical game-logic
;; step out of the game loop if we're paused
(when (is-paused this)
(return-from advance this))
;; gravitate the baddies toward the goodies
(gravitate-bodies (baddies this) (goodies this))
;; find collisions and handle them (collects)
(loop for goody in (goodies this) do
(loop for baddy in (baddies this)
for collided = (collidedp goody baddy)
when collided
;; since we're probably testing a collision with a baddy and a core
;; collidedp returns a list of the baddy and the weapon (unit)
;; that the baddy collided with, that way we can damage the weapon
;; instead of just damaging the core itself
do (apply #'collide collided)))
;; advance the baddies, dead baddies will be renewed in 'advance
(setf (baddies this)
(mapcar (lambda (baddy) (advance baddy seconds))
(baddies this)))
;; advance the goodies, dead goodies will be renewed in 'advance
(setf (goodies this)
(loop for goody in (goodies this)
;; right here we're probably advancing cores, which in turn
;; advance each core's weapons
for advanced = (advance goody seconds)
when advanced
collect advanced))
;; add the just killed baddies resources to our pool
(setf (resources this)
(+ (resources this)
(flet ((maybe-collect-resources (baddy)
(if (eql 0 (death-time baddy))
(get-resources baddy)
(reduce #'+ (baddies this)
:key #'maybe-collect-resources
:initial-value 0))))
this) ; return this program
(defun draw-display ()
"Called every frame to draw things - this is our main game loop"
(let ((time (the-time)))
(unless *last-tick*
(setf *last-tick* time))
;; update program
(setf *program* (advance *program* (- time *last-tick*)))
;; draw it out
(draw *program*)
;; set the last tick
(setf *last-tick* time)))
; Gl/Glut stuff
(defclass my-window (glut:window)
((fullscreen :initarg :fullscreen :reader fullscreen-p))
(:default-initargs :width 1400 :height 1100
:title *headline*
:pos-x 20 :pos-y 0
:mode '(:double :rgb :depth)
:fullscreen nil
:tick-interval (round 1000 60))) ; milliseconds per tick
(defmethod glut:display-window :before ((win my-window))
(gl:line-width 1)
(gl:shade-model :smooth)
(gl:clear-color 0 0 0 0)
(gl:enable :blend)
(gl:blend-func :src-alpha :one-minus-src-alpha))
(defmethod glut:display ((this my-window))
;; clear the color buffer and depth buffer
(gl:clear :color-buffer-bit :depth-buffer-bit)
;; draw code
;; swap the buffer onto the screen
(defmethod glut:reshape ((this my-window) width height)
(setf *screen-width* width
*screen-height* height)
(gl:viewport 0 0 width height) ; reset the current viewport
(gl:matrix-mode :projection) ; select the projection matrix
(gl:load-identity) ; reset the matrix
(glu:ortho-2d -1 1 -1 1)
;; reset the projection matrix
(let ((/w (/ (/ width 2)))
(/h (/ (/ height 2))))
(gl:scale /w /h 1))
(gl:matrix-mode :modelview) ; select the modelview matrix
(gl:load-identity) ; reset the matrix
(set-store-position *program*))
(defmethod glut:keyboard ((this my-window) key xx yy)
(declare (ignore xx yy))
(case key
;; pause the game
(setf (is-paused *program*) (not (is-paused *program*))))
;; reset with starting weapon
(setf *choosen-weapon* 1)
(setf *program* (level 1)))
(setf *choosen-weapon* 2)
(setf *program* (level 2)))
(setf *choosen-weapon* 3)
(setf *program* (level 3)))
(setf *choosen-weapon* 4)
(setf *program* (level 4)))
;; give money (cheat)
(incf (resources *program*)))
;; reset the program (new game)
(setf *program* (level *choosen-weapon*)))))
(defun update-mouse (mouse x y &optional button state)
;; transmute coordinates
(let ((new-x (- x (/ *screen-width* 2)))
(new-y (- (- y (/ *screen-height* 2)))))
(setf (x (origin mouse)) new-x
(y (origin mouse)) new-y))
;; set mouse position and stuff
(when button
(setf (button mouse) button))
(when state
(setf (last-state mouse) (state mouse))
(setf (state mouse) state))
;; mouse mouse while down/up
(defmethod glut:mouse ((this my-window) button state x y)
(setf (mouse *program*)
(update-mouse (mouse *program*) x y button state)))
;; mouse move passively (no button down)
(defmethod glut:passive-motion ((this my-window) x y)
(setf (mouse *program*)
(update-mouse (mouse *program*) x y)))
(defmethod glut:tick ((this my-window))
;;; Setup and go
(defun level (number)
"Sets up the program object for a specific level"
(case number
(1 (let* ((program (make-instance 'program))
(core (make-instance 'core))
(core-blast (make-instance 'core-blast :core core)))
(setf (weapons core) (list core-blast)
(goodies program) (list core))
(2 (let* ((program (make-instance 'program))
(core (make-instance 'core))
(decoy (make-instance 'decoy :core core)))
(setf (weapons core) (list decoy)
(goodies program) (list core))
(3 (let* ((program (make-instance 'program))
(core (make-instance 'core))
(lifer (make-instance 'lifer :core core)))
(setf (weapons core) (list lifer)
(goodies program) (list core))
(4 (let* ((program (make-instance 'program))
(core (make-instance 'core))
(repellor (make-instance 'repellor :core core)))
(setf (weapons core) (list repellor)
(goodies program) (list core))
(defun main ()
(glut:display-window (make-instance 'my-window :program (setf *program* (level 1)))))