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This repository contains a BibTeX file for papers related to the field of testing database applications. It was created by Chris J. Wright, Phil McMinn, and Gregory M. Kapfhammer, the researchers who are a part of the SchemaAnalyst Project. You are free to use any of the entries in this file if you are interested in citing one of these research papers in your own LaTeX document.

Installation Instructions

You can type the following command if you want to clone this repository:

git clone

Now, you can type cd schemaanalyst-bibliography and use the BibTeX file in your own LaTeX project. Alternatively, a document that cites all of the entries in this bibliography can be compiled on an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS workstation using pdflatex and bibtex; you may also compile to a PDF file using a wide variety of other tools, such as latexmk. You can type the following commands to create the summary document.

pdflatex schemaanalyst_bibliography.tex
bibtex schemaanalyst_bibliography.aux
pdflatex schemaanalyst_bibliography.tex
pdflatex schemaanalyst_bibliography.tex

Alternatively, you can use the repository as a git submodule of another repository. To do this, type the following command:

git submodule add bibtex

where the final parameter ("bibtex") is the name of the directory that you wish to install the repository. Following this, you will need to invoke the following commands:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Of course, the submodule will need to be pulled periodically to receive any changes. This can be done by changing directory to the submodule and issue the usual git pull. (If Git has detached the submodule from its HEAD, it may be reattached by issuing the command git checkout master from the submodule's directory.

Another means of ensuring the submodule is updated when pulling from the main repository is to issue the following command, which will also update all submodules:

git pull --recurse-submodules

Problems or Praise?

If you find that some of the entries are incorrectly formatted and thus your LaTeX and BibTeX tools are not processing them correctly, then please open a new issue and one of us will attempt to resolve your concerns. Please note that the provided BibTeX file is not likely to compile correctly — due to issues with encoding in Unicode — if you try to use biber as your BibTeX file manager. Finally, if you find this repository useful, then we hope that you will


BibTeX files for Research in the Testing of Database Applications







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