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@@ -354,6 +354,9 @@ There are multiple implemented test data generators available for you to use:
3. `random` - Random data generator technique.
4. `dominoRandom` - The original and random DOMINO (DOMain-specific approach to INtegrity cOnstraint test data generator) technique.
5. `dominoAVS` - The hybrid technique DOMINO and AVM.
6. `dominoColNamer` - A DOMINO generator that generates string values using the column names with suffix numbering and sequential numbers.
6. `dominoRead` - A DOMINO generator that generates readable string values from a library called [DataFactory](
6. `avslangmodel` - A Random AVM generator that uses a Language Model to replace random and unreadable values to output a more readable test suite.

### Test Data Generation <a name="test-data-generation"></a>

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