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What is SchemaHero?

SchemaHero is a Kubernetes Operator for Declarative Schema Management for various databases. SchemaHero has the following goals:

  1. Database table schemas can be expressed as Kubernetes resources that can be deployed to a cluster.
  2. Database schemas can be edited and deployed to the cluster. SchemaHero will calculate the required change (ALTER TABLE statement) and apply it.
  3. SchemaHero can manage databases that are deployed to the cluster, or external to the cluster (RDS, Google CloudSQL, etc).

Getting Started

The recommended way to deploy SchemaHero is to use the kubectl plugin. Full instruction and other installation methods listed in the documentation.

To get started, read the tutorial and the full documentation


For questions about using SchemaHero, there's a Replicated Community forum, and a #schemahero channel in Kubernetes Slack. If you are interested in contributing to Schemahero, you can find more information on how to get started on our Community page.

If you're a user of SchemaHero, add yourself to the ADOPTERS file!