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Welcome to

This is the project repository. It contains all the schemas, examples and software use to publish For the site itself, please see instead.

Issues and proposals are managed here by participants of the W3C Community Group. See for the group. If you are interested to participate please join the group at W3C, introduce yourself and find or file issues here that engage your interest. If you are new to Git and GitHub, there's a useful introduction to Github in the W3C Wiki.

Issue #1 ( in Github is an entry point for release planning. It should provide an overview of upcoming work, in terms of broad themes, specific issues and release milestones.

With every release, we change the default Github branch to match the code name for the release. will link to per-release entry points, or else navigate issues via label or milestone withing Github. Every change to the site comes via discussions here. Substantive changes are recorded in our release notes. A preview of the draft new release notes can be found as part of the test site for our next release. Every month or so, after final review by the Steering Group, we make a formal release.

Regarding CC and opensource licenses for documents and software, see our FAQ entry,

For more on "How we work",


For most collaborators, all you need to know about the software is how to run it. Essentially you will need to have the Python version of Google App Engine SDK running on the platform of your choice. You can then make test builds of running on your own machine accessible as http://localhost:8080/ or else post them on for collaboration. See for details.

More information about the software is also available in

See also notes in the wiki:

Formats and standards

All schemas and examples are in data/ in utf-8 encoded files.

The main schemas file is data/schema.rdfa (utf-8)

While developing schemas, using data/sdo-somethinghere-schema.rdfa can be useful.

The format is based on W3C RDFS in HTML/RDFa format, see

The examples are stored in data/examples.txt (utf-8) and other *.txt files.

As with schemas, data/*examples.txt will also be read. It can be useful to develop using separate files. When vocabulary is finally integrated into the main repository, schema data will be merged into However examples will stay in separate files, as this works better with git's file comparison machinery.

The data/releases/ hierarchy is reserved for release snapshots (see

The ext/*/ hierarchy is reserved for extensions (see

Github Branch naming lists releases by working codename and release name.

e.g. successor to was code-named sdo-venkman, and eventually became

You can therefore see candidate draft release notes in the Git repository at docs/releases.html


This documentation concerns the software codebase rather than itself.

However do note that labels, comments, and documentation should use US English (in the code and schemas), if a choice between English variants is needed. Please aim for international English wherever possible.

See also: