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valuePattern takes Text values, not Number.

Fix for #231, thanks, Holger!
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danbri committed Jan 29, 2015
1 parent 392b035 commit b3db6310e1ddfa98c38f5cf310a0633c33f93609
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@@ -10205,7 +10205,7 @@ postponing for 1.6.
<span class="h" property="rdfs:label">valuePattern</span>
<span property="rdfs:comment">Specifies a regular expression for testing literal values according to the HTML spec.</span>
<span>Domain: <a property="" href="">PropertyValueSpecification</a></span>
<span>Range: <a property="" href="">Number</a></span>
<span>Range: <a property="" href="">Text</a></span>
<!-- note: see also minValue, maxValue which are defined elsewhere and shared with other schema structures. -->

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