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danbri commented Apr 20, 2016 edited

This issue tracks potential updates to the new health-lifesci hosted extension.

Currently the extension contains revisions to the 2013 medical vocabularies, but we also have nearby #1028, #1062 as related collaborations, in addition to plans for further improvements and collaborations as discussed here and in the schemed community group.

We can consider also adding PhysicalActivityCategory, LeisureTimeActivity etc. to health-lifesci.

@danbri danbri self-assigned this Apr 20, 2016
donli4 commented May 4, 2016

Hi Dan,
The extension is not working and leads to a 404 page actually.
I'm not familiar with so I'm not sure whether it's my own problem.
Just let you know:)

danbri commented May 4, 2016

Thanks - yeah we have a problem with the v3 launch. It is going to take a day or two to get the subdomains working properly so I'm going to rollback to v2.3 for now. Sorry about that. The v3 site remains accessible via

donli4 commented May 4, 2016

Wow that's a fast reply!
Thanks Dan! You've done amazing job already.

jvandriel commented Jun 15, 2016 edited

I'd like to add an additional wish to twamarc/ScheMed#32, namely that the domain of adverseOutcome and seriousAdverseOutcome also get expanded to

I also noticed that in the original issue I forgot to suggest that the domain of contraindication also gets expanded to and

In regards to, I currently have a case for which I'm marking up drugs and on the pages of each drug there's a 'Side effects' section (= adverseOutcome and seriousAdverseOutcome) and 'When not to take' (= contraindication) which I currently can't describe without making the entity involved a triple Multi-Type Entity (= ["Product","Drug","MedicalTherapy").

Which technically might be correct, but besides the fact it feels clumsy I mostly find it strange currently doesn't have the mentioned properties even though leaflets that come with drugs almost always mention these. So how come we can't mention these in markup unless using a 'messy' MTE?

twamarc commented Jun 16, 2016

I do not see another way to avoid MTE than extending to domain of the two properties adverseOutcome and seriousAdverseOutcome with .
Normally this is not expensive but we are still currently fixing some strange breaks in 3.0 (#1203) I hope after that we will include this extend in coming patch.


I agree that at this moment there's no other option than an MTE @twamarc. Though my request was aimed at when we continue to update/modify the extension, not immediately. :)

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