DataDownload is subtype MediaObject - definition of latter needs tweaking #1190

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danbri commented May 31, 2016

Considering #1083 is technically a MediaObject, however this is mostly about images/videos. If we keep this, the definition of MediaObject should be updated. Otherwise we could take the best properties from it and attach them to DataDownload directly.


I think it would be better to make DataDownload not a subtype of MediaObject, as MediaObject name already has some connotation about 'media' files (even if its definition could change) and it is not generic enough for any Dataset.

sballesteros commented Jun 1, 2016 edited

I wonder if it would not make sense for to have a systematic separation between creative works and their 'encodings'.
For instance:

  • Dataset (work) and DataDownload (encoding)
  • Image (work, currently non existing) and ImageObject (encoding)
  • Video (work , currently non existing) and VideoObject (encoding)
  • etc.

That will make it super easy to use the encoding property of CreativeWork (or distribution for Dataset). While I am at this, it may make sense to deprecate the distribution property of Dataset and just have encoding.

In that world it would be great to have DataDownload as a subclass of the parent class for all things encoding (right now that parent class seems to be MediaObject).

So we would have 2 parent classes CreativeWork and Encoding (currently MediaObject). A sort of super simplified FRBR model.


See also #1153

danbri commented Jun 16, 2016

Doing a FRBR-lite is a perpetual temptation. For now I would like to make some minimal tweak to the MediaObject definition to make DataDownload a more acceptable subtype. Scanning CreativeWork for all FRBR-like structures and reconciling them is a much larger job. It might be that we could put most CreativeWork subtypes somewhere on a Work-Expression-Manifestation-Item spectrum...

darobin commented Jun 20, 2016

For us FRBR-light is a bit more than a temptation. We have our own SA ontology that only contains the things that we couldn't do with Just scanning it quickly, we've added: Audio, Formula/FormulaObject (for math resources), Image, TableObject, Video. Apart from the formula bit where we defined both entity and encoding classes, the others all complement a construct.

We absolutely don't need the full FRBR but we rely on the entity/encoding couple a lot. That's how we do figures with responsive images, or multiple video encodings, etc.

I would also like to support the distribution -> encoding move, I'm tired of special-casing that one :)

@danbri danbri pushed a commit that closed this issue Jul 15, 2016
Dan Brickley Refined definition of MediaObject to cover DataDownload.
Fixes #1190.
@danbri danbri closed this in 0f3bbd0 Jul 15, 2016
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