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RichardWallis commented Nov 29, 2016 edited

MusicGroup Example (eg-14) contains errors.

See email discussion regarding interactionStatistic property wrongly assigned to a MusicGroup Type.

In the course of writing a Perl module to parse JSON-LD, I have been feeding the examples to it as a test. Tried for an embarrassingly long time to figure out why this MusicGroup entry was failing the tests before realizing it's probably not supposed to be a MusicGroup.

It appears on among other places - and AFAICT MusicGroups never get interactionStatistics. Am I missing something, or is that just a wrong @type?


I think you have identified a bit of a confused example.

At first it looks like a reasonable description of a MusicGroup, with events and tracks. However as you have spotted, not only do some of the nested MusicRecording types validly have interactionStatistic properties, the MusicGroup also has one. Which is not valid. I also note that there is a video property which is not valid for MusicGroup.

The question obviously is, what was the intension of creator of the example.

Looking at the other serialisations, including the surrounding html, I believe the ‘interaction’ being described (for the MusicGroup, not the MusicRecordings) is probably better described using a review property, taking a Review type.

This issue focused on interactionStatistic - Raised a separate issue (#1447) to discuss video.

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